Report it immediately in either of the following ways whichever is suitable in your circumstances:

  • Contact the relevant issuing Bank on following 24/7 phone Numbers; or


  • Contact any Branch of the relevant Bank (if in New Zealand), if overseas contact any bank’s branch displaying VISA and Plus or MasterCard or Cirrus acceptance symbols; or
  • Contact Visa Global Customer Assistance Services for Visa Card’s in any country on below given phone numbers.

If you have Visa Cards of several Bank’s, you have the option of directly contacting Visa Global Customer Assistance locally in the country you are right now on following numbers:

Visa Card Global Customer Assistance Services


You can get all countries contact details at

Or you may place a collect call from anywhere in the world to +1 303 967 1090 for Visa Global Customer Assistance Services.

Master Card Global Customer Assistance Services


For contact numbers for other countries please see

Worldwide Emergency Assistance

Get medical, legal, travel or New Zealand diplomatic services around the world.

For MasterCard cards

  • call MasterCard Global Service™ on +1 636 722 7111
  • international toll charges will apply

For Visa cards

  • for Visa cards call Visa Emergency Assistance on +1 410 581 9994
  • international toll charges will apply