In recent past number of travel agencies have suddenly gone bankrupt or closed shops leaving large number of customers without tickets which they had apparently purchased several months in advance.

These customers were shocked, when they went to airport to catch their flights, and were told that there exist no tickets in their names. The piece of paper which they thought was E-ticket was in fact an itinerary (booking). An itinerary not backed up by a ticket is a useless piece of paper.

A booking or an itinerary is automatically cancelled by airlines if tickets are not purchased/issued within few days or some times within few hours of booking. If your travel agent or an online travel website has purchased a ticket from Airline against that itinerary, only then that itinerary has a value otherwise it’s a piece of paper with no value.

One way of making sure that you have purchased an actual E-Ticket is by asking your travel agent to show you the word “E-TICKET” OR “TICKET” with a number written by its side on the document which the travel agent gives you as your ticket.  If on that document the word “E-Ticket” or “Ticket” with a number is not printed, then It could just be an itinerary or booking with no value untill a real ticket is purchased/issued by your travel agent for that booking.

The unsuspecting customers who lost thousands of dollars by paying for just itineraries had ever imagined even in their dreams that the travel agent has not purchased & issued tickets against those bookings and has pocketed their money.

Make sure when you pay the money for a ticket – You MUST Get A Real TICKET & Not an Itinerary!!!!