Travel India, North Shore, Auckland New Zealand is one of the very few travel companies in New Zealand that provide complete Visa and passport services for its clients including Australian Immigration services. However, we don’t provide New Zealand immigration services.

Travel India’s professionals can complete and prepare your application for Indian OCI (Overseas Citizen of India application) in few hours at a very reasonable charges, saving you lot of hassles. If you send an incomplete application or don’t attach the requisite documents you application can take months to process, as such it is always to leave this specialised task to the professionals.

Please note that the Constitution of India does not allow for “dual citizenship” and OCI must not be mistaken as “dual citizenship” of India. The first step to prepare for OCI application is to surrender your Indian Passport for cancellation and renunciation of Indian citizenship by filing a separate application. It is important that, you can not file your OCI application unless you have already received your Indian citizenship renunciation certificate from the High Commission of India in Wellington. Travel India Limited also files Indian passport cancellation applications. To more about cancellation of Indian passports please refer to our website page on CANCELLATION OF INDIAN PASSPORT

OCI Application Fee:

For a normal fresh adult OCI application, the Indian High Commission processing fee is NZD $405 (Non-refundable), this is correct as on 17th September 2018. For latest OCI fee please contact Travel India, New Zealand. We charge FROM $200 as our fee for preparing your OCI application depending on the work involved in each case.

OCI Processing time:

OCI processing time can vary from 50 working days to over 2 months, depending upon High Commission of India, Wellington.

Document required for OCI application:

Documents for adult applicants (over 18 years of age) who held Indian passport earlier:

The following are the main documents required for a normal adult applicant who was previously an Indian citizen. (However, please note that for children, foreign citizens of Indian origin parents or Indian spouse have to furnish several other documents also for the OCI application. For a complete list of documents, you need to submit for your specific case, please contact Travel India’s travel consultants.

  • Print-out of Part A and Part B of online application.
  • Copy of current New Zealand / foreign passport and Citizenship Certificate of the applicant.
  • Copy of cancelled Indian passport (first and last page) and copy of Indian Citizenship Renunciation / Surrender Certificate of the applicant.
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable.
  • One photograph of the applicant pasted on the form.
  • Prescribed fee
  • Self-addressed courier envelope with tracking facility.
  • For more information or for filing your OCI applications please contact professional travel consultants of Travel India on 021 100 8642.