Australian Visitors Visa – Subclass 600) – File through Travel India withou any hasels

Travel India, New Zealand is one of the very few travel companies in New Zealand that provide complete Visa and passport services for its clients including Australian Immigration services. However, we don’t provide New Zealand immigration services and request all our clients to get NZ immigration consultancy and services from a licensed immigration advisor or an NZ lawyer. 

Travel India can apply for your Australian Visitors Visa (subclass 600) if you are travelling to Australia:

  1. as a visitor
  2. for business visitor activities
  3. to visit family

Australian Visitors Visa (subclass 600) lets you visit Australia:

  • to visit or for business visitor purposes
  • for up to three, six or 12 months.

Australian Visitor Visa Fee:

The visa fee depends upon from where you are applying and can vary for individual circumstance. As on 17th September 2018 Visitors visa (subclass 600) is NZD $160 for persons currently in New Zealand and want to go for tourist purposes in Australia. In addition to this Visa Fee you also must pay around NZD $41 to TT Services for their services to take your biometrics and finger prints.

We charge NZD $150 as our non-refundable fee for preparing and filing your application.


You provide us all the required documents and information for your application along with the visa fee and our fee.

Once application is filed, Australian Immigration sends us a letter which you need to take to TT Services for giving your Biometrics (They take Digital picture of your face and take your digital finger prints with a scanner). Every person applying for any kind of visa for Australia from New Zealand MUST give their biometrics and finger prints to TT Services.

The standard processing time is around 20 to 35 days depending upon when you submit your biometrics and on Australian Immigration departments concerns, if any regarding your circumstances.

Travel India’s professionals can complete and prepare your application for Australian tourist Visa, saving you lot of hassles. If you send an incomplete application or don’t attach the requisite documents your application can take months to process, as such it is always better to leave this specialised task to the professionals.

For more information or for filing your Australian tourist/Visitor visa applications please contact professional travel consultants of Travel India on 021 100 8642.

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