All Indians living in New Zealand do visit India every couple of years for holidays or for visiting family & friends. You will be amazed to know that there are number of ways we can earn back our vacation costs and even earn more than your travel costs.

Just keep in mind that money saved is money earned..!

In a series of articles, you will know about my personal experiences and the experiences of persons known to me who have saved/earned from as little as couple of hundred dollars to hundreds and even thousands of dollars on their vacations to India. Even your holiday can lead to start of a handsome home/part time business.

Some of the topics I will be covering in my future articles on this subject will include following:


  1. How to ship a container from India during your vacations and save/earn thousands of dollars. You neither need to sell the container load nor you are required to set-up a shop to sell the imported stuff. I will explain how I saved and indirectly was able to earn thousands of dollars when I brought a container load of stuff from India during our last family visit. On our every family vacations for the last 15 years to India we have been shipping a container from India as our “UN-ACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE”. You don't need any import-export license in India for shipping your baggage. Very few shipping professionals in India know about this “UN-accompanied baggage” options for NRIs and foreigners visiting India. Under this category you can even import used goods also. From my story, I believe you can also find your own ways of earning.


  2. How to buy cheap return air tickets that give you 12 to 24 hours or even 2 days of stopovers (both ways) in HongKong or Bangkok (the shoppers paradise of Asia) and use this time to buy few exclusive items at bargain prices which you can sell online in India (on websites like OLX, Quikr, Ebay, etc) and on Trademe, eBay, etc in NZ. You should be able to make enough money to get back your air travel costs and shall at the same time have fun of shopping & holidaying with less air travel cost than if you had taken the normal flights.


  3. How to earn around $1000 by just finding only one friend, relative or any known person during your holidays in India for studying in New Zealand as international student and in the process you can be $1000 richer. If you are lucky and have wide circle of friends you can even find 2 student visa aspirants making you richer by $2000.


  4. How my friend took a brand new 50” Smart LED 3D TV bought very cheap from boxing day sale at Harvey Norman to India, paid around 36% import duty at Delhi Airport and even then saved around $400-$500.


  5. How to go to China's Electronics city from your HongKong stopover in few hours very cheap and buy electronics products at prices extremely cheaper than what you are seeing on ebay. How to use this opportunity to personally meet few researched suppliers in China (without any extra cost to you) who can help you start your online/trademe selling business with investment as little as few hundred dollars. People have made their living by just selling on trademe/ebay from their home.


  6. How to take your NZ car to India as an NRI/PIO at special custom duty rates and earn thousands of dollars legally.

  7. How to take advantage of the import-export opportunities presented by the low costs in countries like Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, HongKong, Singapore, etc where every one going from NZ to India needs a connection flight. Anyone in New Zealand can get started in import-export on a very small scale with just a fist full of dollars and still make strong profits. You can keep it small scale and use it to cover the cost of your vacations, or you can reinvest some of your profits back into the business and grow your new business from a cupboard of your bedroom to a commercial warehouse with lots of merchandise coming in and moving out, and on top of it, the enterprise can be enormous fun. You get to travel to your homeland India and at the same time visiting in between interesting places and treasure hunt in exotic markets. 

  8. How to buy during your return stopover in Bangkok hand-crafted artwork and unusual things that are scarce in the New Zealand and the West. Low labor and material costs mean products made in Thailand are priced to allow you to make money in NZ. Some unusual handy-craft artworks can be easily sold on Trademe at very lucrative price giving you enough to partly or fully cover your travel cost.

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